{Stylish Storage}

Don't you love it when you see stuff stored in a unique way? I love it when, I see a traditional house decorated with industrial modern pieces or when you have a house decorated to look more like a display in a store, then your normal bathroom storage or everyday piece, like a kids toy box.
Pretty sure, I want this antique laundry basket to store all my extra blankets in.
Vintage Locker Bins from the 1950's. You can find similar ones on {ETSY}.
Vintage Ladder used as a bath tray to store accessories.
Want to add character to what most would think is a plain traditional table? Find vintage metal crates on {EBAY} to hold all those years of clutter.
LOVE this industrial clothing rack used as decor in this chic New York bedroom.
So Creative!
Built in shelves used to store vintage books, nic nacs, and those adorable vintage globes!
Antique Factory Rack used to hold dishes....so stylish.
Who would of thought to put old locker bins in the kitchen!
This industrial chic downtown loft is so manly, yet sophisticated all at the same time.
You can see that touch of femininity coming out through the ADORABLE black {KARTELL} lamp.
It's like a sexy black dress, PERFECT for any occasion.
Never would I of thought, to use an old locker cabinet as a room divider. GENIUS!
add to wish list...CHECK!
Old Antique Clothing Racks, perfect for a laundry room. You can purchase online at {FACTORY20}.
How clever is the chalkboard labels on the vintage jars?
Vintage jars are perfect storage for kitchens, bathrooms, kids rooms. They can hold things like spices, cotton balls, or crayons.
Find the above locker cart and side table at one of my favorite websites {HUDSON GOODS}.
Try using a primitive candle holder to organize your kids pens, crayons, or pencils.
I love old crates for storage! I use them in my daughters room to store all her toys.
How cute is this primitive vintage printing drawer that is hung on the wall and used to hold precious gifts?!
Is it bad that I want to have another baby just so I can decorate the nursery? :)


  1. I'm opening a vintage store..in the design planning stages right now..and I've found it hard to find even the basic necessities online; namely vintage store fixtures, racks, etc. I can't THANK YOU enough for this post. You're amazing!

  2. Ah, your so sweet AJ! I am happy I could help. Congrats on the new store. How exciting! Please send me all the details, I would love to check it out and hear more about it. Thanks for checking out my blog!!