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The style{d} blog is here to give you the latest vintage styled inspiration for those who love ALL THINGS VINTAGE, Fashion, Photography, Weddings, Music, Picking, and anything that has style.
Many search the net everyday to try and find a place they can find a vintage loveseat, chair, table, and one of kind glassware, for their wedding, photo shoot, or simply trying to re-decorate their house. It has been brought to my attention that their is a need to have them all in one spot. Now you do!
Here you will find all your vintage inspiration and an online vintage directory.

There is a FREE way to promote your vintage product through reviews. These reviews done by Karli, will drive traffic to your website and get people to know who you are.
I require at least one product sent to me so I can look/feel/touch/photograph up close and it allows me to give a first hand LOVE for the product.

Giveaways are a great way to promote your vintage product and shop. They obviously will generate the most feedback (peeps LOVE contests & giveaways), and interest in the post, and have the highest
“hit back” (people being directed back to your site).

Discounts are also welcome, and are a great way to reach out to new customers and get interest in your vintage product and vintage store. People tend to at least visit your site, and check out your products more intensely when there is a stylish temptation of a discount.

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