Right Now I'm Loving......

Antique Toledo Stools
Okay folks, I may need your help with this, as I am loving and currently on the hunt to find me a set of Antique Toledo Stools! 
Toledo by no other name is just a classic furniture company who specializes in strong, sturdy, heavy, long lasting factory machine stools and typewriter stands.
Have you noticed that over the years stools have gotten simple, lighter, and cheaper?
Stools have dramatically changed, now thinner, cushioned and really have dropped off the interior decor palette. Compared to back in the day when they were heavy, made with plane wood, and used as a tool, not a display, accent, or look.
Oh my gosh PINK, REALLY!! Your killing me {Living Inside}.

That's it, I am now on a mission!


  1. I love them so much! I like a touch of industrial in every room!

  2. I totally agree Polly! Thanks for your comment, keep them coming. :)