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KANDISE B. you have won two pom pom pillows from Castle and Things!  
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DIY's with Sophie Monet Jewelry

The Jewelry Branch turn Key Rack:
The Jewelry Branch with a little bit of paint and transform it into a colorful key rack to hang in your summer abode. 

Branch Twine 
Scissors Paint 
Hammer Nails 

1. Paint colorful stripes around your branch and let dry. 2. Hammer in the desired number of nails to use as key hooks. 3. Cut a piece of twine twice the length of your branch and tie to both ends of the branch.4. Hang and enjoy! 

Done In Collaboration with BecauseImAddicted.net

Miu Miu Inspired Glitter Sunglasses:
It’s pretty much a known fashion fact that Miu Miu has mastered the art of glittering and bedazzling. Here’s how to transform a pair of vintage sunglasses into the Italian house’s must have Noir glitter shades. 

Vintage Sunglasses (Ours are from Etsy)
Transparent drying glue
Red glitter
Paint brush
Paper plate
Clear gloss finishing spray

1. Cover the lenses of your glasses in tape to protect them from the glue.

2. Create a paste with equal parts glue and glitter.

3.  With your brush paint on the glitter mixture to the frame of your glasses.

4. Let the glitter dry and spray them with the gloss finish. Then remove the tape and wear!

Done In Collaboration with StyleHive.com BecauseImAddicted.net

For more DIY's check out Sophie Monet's website here.


GIVEAWAY: Castle and Things

I am so excited for today!! We have teamed up with Rachel of Castle and Things for a special GIVEAWAY! Designer, Rachel Castle spent years working at Country Road in the homewares marketing division, from there she headed to London to work at The Conran Shop in the buying department, and ended up heading the branding division responsible for all the printed material for the shops and restaurants worldwide.   After leaving The Conran Shop, she established her own successful branding agency The Nest in the UK.  THESE DAYS Rachel is busily being a Mum, styling & writing for Australian magazines and designing gorgeous things for her homewares brand CASTLE.
Castle and Things represents a love of beautiful, often handcrafted or handprinted, pieces for the home.

If you haven't heard of Rachel or her Australian home line then you must head over and check out the website. From bedlinen's to artwork, her dots & pom pom's are a must household purchase.  

One lucky winner will be receiving a super cool prize!  
The Prize:

How to Enter:
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If you don't have Twitter:
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Giveaway ends:
Tuesday, July 10th. I will post the WINNER's name on my blog, so come back to see if it's your name I post. 

Best of Luck!!!


nordic design

My design esthetic has always been vintage eclectic glam with a touch of modern. However, just as your taste buds change over the years, the older I get my design esthetic is changing. Don't get me wrong, I still love glitz & glam, vintage baubles but I have been drawn to simple, modern, graphic pops, statement pieces and honestly becoming more of a minimalist. 
It might be because I have a 3 year old who makes more of mess now then she ever has and I can't handle the mess anymore. 
It also might be because I'm drawn to how others live in other parts of the world. Europe, UK, & Australian lifestyle is different. In America it is all about having the dream house, cars, money. The land of the free! In other parts of the world it's about spending time with your family, enjoying life, where you live, traveling the world. They live simple, their homes are a tad smaller than what we are a custom to living. They do have three or four people living in a one bedroom flat. Yet, they make the most of the square footage, resulting in it looking & feeling bigger than it is. I love how you will see the black and white color blocking throughout a home, graphic pops in the kitchen, living room, & bedroom. Kids design made for adults.
Which brings me to what my post is really about today. Haha! 

Nordic Happy Design
Have you heard of a shop called Little Studio? Well you should check out their website. They have fun playful designs for your home. 
Designers, Marit Lissdaniel and Angelica Utterberg wanted their designs to fit children & adults. The two loved how children have the ability to see things for more than they really are. For example, a triangle could be a triangle- but it could also be a mountain. They try to avoid the traditional gender roles so their designs apply to everyone. 
The best part about their shop for us in the US, they ship WORLD WIDE!!! 

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be inspired...

*Photos were taken from Pinterest

need more coffee....

Monday again, back to the grind. 
As I sit here drinking coffee and reading the paper, I keep thinking that I need more coffee. :)
I am in a funk this morning, I need some bold design inspiration for this weeks projects. Any suggestions?


{Designer Sample Sale}

Guess who is having a sample sale??
Madeline Weinrib, that's who!! 
If your in the LA area, stop by her melrose location on June 21st-24th. 

Instagram me pictures from the sale @styledbykarli & use hashtag #madelineweinribsale

I can't wait to see what you find!!!


need. want. have.

1. I need my eames dowel legs dipped in a saucy neon color similar to Rachelle's from Kenzipoo. Don't you just love how they turned out! Her cousin, who runs Simple Grove, helped decorate her home. I can't wait to see the rest of the room!
2. I need this adorable two toned gold + yellow beauty for my desk. 
3. How cute is the moon mustache poster. NEED! {via Kenzipoo}
4. I need a swing in my house! {via Pinterest}
5. I need more graphic pillows. {via little studio}

1. I really want vintage 1960's wire based planter chairs. {via Bijou & Boheme}
2. I want a vintage brass reading lamp for my desk. {via Pinterest}
3. I want Gold silverware paired with white plates. 
{via Neiman Marcus}   

1. I have my kitchen painted in this color green with neon pink accents. 
{via My Attic}
2. I have one wall in my living room painted black. {via Mechant Design}
3. I have vintage horse bookends on my Ikea Expedit bookcase. {via Instagram

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Current Obsession: WASHI TAPE

I can't get my mind off WASHI TAPE! 
Does anyone else feel the same way? 
Every website, blog, magazine I look at, has it showcased. 
Solids, Prints, Patterns, Shapes, OH  MY!!!
Needless to say, I am obsessed and need to get myself some. However, I am nervous to use it. Even though it is adorable up, I live in a rental so eventually I am sure I will be moving. That being said, I don't want to ruin my pictures, posters, and art taking them off the wall. I know it is suppose to be removable but still.... HELP! What would you do? 

In the meantime, while I make a decision, I have been researching where to purchase. I really want neon stripes, hot pink, flat black, and grey. I came across quite a few blog post on it and every one of them pointed me to MT Masking Tape out of Japan. I loved all the pictures on their site but when it came to the inventory I did not find what I was looking for. Sad face.
My search continued, until, I was scanning Etsy the other day and came across seller Crafty Japan. Cha Ching! They have every solid, print, pattern, shape, & size I am looking for! You must check out their unique selection...washi tape for days.

Now it's on to the wall layout....
Ooh Jeez, that is a whole other blog post people. :)
via Kenzipoo

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Mamas & Papas -How to-

Good Morning Readers! This is a sponsored post written by someone else. 
Thank you for being supportive of the sponsors that help me run The Style{d} Blog. This post is sponsored by VERY UK. Join them on Facebook!

How to Buy Your First Pushchair

 The period before your firstborn’s arrival is one of excitement, pressure and apprehension, and a lot of your time will be taken up preparing everything you need. One essential most mothers agree is incredibly important is a high quality pushchair. However, finding the right pushchair for you and your child can be incredibly difficult. To help you through the challenges ahead, we’ve compiled this concise guide to what to look for in a new pushchair.

 Which type?

There are numerous models available on the market, so picking out the design that best suits your needs can take a lot of research. However, there are a few basic things to look out for. Firstly, how many children will it need to carry? You can now purchase pushchairs that have space allowances for three children, so it’s well worth thinking ahead. Secondly, would you prefer a forward or rear-facing pushchair? This will mainly come down to personal preference and how you would like your child to travel. Finally, many pushchairs now have the ability to change from upright buggies to flat-lying prams, so consider whether this would be useful or not.

Though brand isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to buying a pushchair, it can
make a difference. It’s often a better idea to go for an established brand that has a reputation for high quality design, production and safety standards. With this in mind, the Very.co.uk Mamas & Papas pushchair range will ensure you receive the quality you’ve paid for.


One of the most important considerations to take into account when buying a pushchair is the kind of lifestyle you lead. This will have a large impact on the way in which you use your pushchair, and the obstacles it will have to overcome.

If you live in the city and find yourself using a lot of public transport, it’s going to be a much better idea to buy a lightweight pushchair that’s easy to lift. On the other hand, if you live in a more rural setting, you may want to consider a buggy that is more durable and built for countryside conditions. 



I am very content having my incredible, smart, spunky, outgoing, loving daughter, Kai Jordan. Yes, even though it changes from day to day, shockingly I could see myself only having one. 
My ideal family would include one girl and one boy. Unfortunately no one has figured out how to guarantee the sex of my next baby.... plus I will tell you a little secret {I'm not ready for baby #2}. 
That being said, moms who are on the verge of wanting another one, aka BABY FEVER! However, your not sure until your standing in the isle at Target and you hear a newborn baby cry and you catch yourself saying "Ahh, how cute?" 
Well for me it was not the crying newborn that did it for me, it was this AAAHDORABLE nursery I saw via Gilt Kids
I instantly wanted another one just so I could decorate the nursery. 
Gold Light {Urban Outfitters}, Tufted Rocker {Nurseryworks}, Crib {Oeuf}, Sheep Skin rug {Ikea}, White Fur Pillow & White Side table {West Elm}



{Pin it to Win it} Contest!!

Okay all you Pinterest LOVERS, here is your chance to pin all your favorite summer looks while hanging by the pool, beach, or even in your own backyard this coming holiday weekend.  
My good friend Briana Rene from Briana Rene Store in Costa Mesa, CA is giving away summers must have scarf. 
Barcelona's very own Saako scarf
Check out the rules below and start pinning NOW!!!
Don't forget to email your board to bri@brianarene.com


"Vintage Fashion on Wheels"

We have all heard of the gourmet food truck craze but the trucks don't stop there! 
Now there is events such as "Fashion Truck Rally" and Pop-up shops featuring shopping on wheels. 
My favorite is the sought after Traveling Vintage boutique,  "Le Fashion Truck"
What's that you said? It's a shop, it's a truck, it's LA's 1st mobile vintage shop! 
Lunch time is getting better and better. Now you don't have to choose to eat or shop, you can run out to the food truck and do a little shopping while you wait for your order. Is this a dream or what?
Owners, Stacey Steffe and Jeanine Romo combined their love of vintage,  jewelry and their credo, (that has customers tailgating them weekly) 
"Vintage Fashion at Vintage Prices".
You can find them popping up at places like Co-Op 28 in Los Feliz, CA but if you happen to miss them, make sure to check Le Fashion Truck's website for the next stop.
"Because Fashion is Everything"


{Feedback, Feedback, Feedback!}

I am asking my readers to help me out and give me some feedback. 
Style{d} is growing this year and we will be re-organizing the blog, adding new features, showcasing some fun DIY projects, stylizing vintage weddings, shopping top fashion picks, looking through amazing homes, and as always collaborating, promoting, and networking. 
In the next couple weeks we will be starting our new weekly "Style{d} by" guest post featuring some amazing blogger's and vintage rental companies. 
I, like many other fellow blogger's, value my followers, readers, and onlookers. I want you to be excited to go on and check out the latest Style{d} post. 
That being said, I would love to hear from you! 
I want The Style{d} blog to be apart of your daily routine. We all have our favorite blogs we check daily, right?
If you could leave a comment and tell me, 

  • "What you would like to see more of?" 
  • "What you don't see here that you would like to see?"
  • "What you think we should change?"
  • "What we could do better?"

We will make sure to take to heart everything you say!! 
Enjoy the weekend & we will see you back here next week!

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{Little Love}

Right now, I am in love with all the fashion for Little ones!! 
Bohemian Hipster! Short shorts paired with a vest, beanie and ballet flats. *swoon*
How cute are these boots? I found a similar pair, check them out {here}
Love the straw Fedora! You can find this at GapKids.
Bracelets: H&M Bathing suit: Zara Kids
Check out the distressed jeans paired with a grey slouchy scarf sweater. Love!