Rustic Farm

I know everyone has been waiting sooo patiently to see the URBAN BARN Space.... well after being sick all week with bronchitis and a active 2 year old running around like a mad woman. I managed to get my booty out to URBAN BARN.

Check out this weeks styled inspiration.....Rustic Farm

I was pulling out my handy chalk to write "styled by karli" on my Navy Blue Chalkboard above (isn't she cute?). When this cute young girl comes up and ask "Is the chalkboard for sale, I LOVE it?", "WHY?!!" Is what I was thinking because of course, the one thing I was planning on keeping. LOL! I quoted her a price and she said "SOLD".

Before, I even had a chance to finish the space, things were selling off the floor.
I would say it was a good day! However, I kind of miss my chalkboard frame. :) 

I must say I could not do all of this with out my loving husband, who is so patient with me. He came and helped me set up because I was still so sick. I love you HUSBAND! 
I think I owe him big! Don't you think?

If you have not been out to URBAN BARN you must make a special trip! 

Do you love Flea Markets? Urban Barn will be having its monthly Flea Market the last weekend in January.