Santa Barbara Here I Come!

So I planned on taking the weekend off.....until I came across these shots of a friend of mine. I fell in love instantly and had to share with all of you!
If you have not heard of Take Our Photo, then you must check out their website and or facebook. They take incredible shots! They defiantly have a unique eye that I am drawn too. Its really hard to impress me with photos as I don't typically like a photographer that shoots the norm. I like a shot that is off to the side, a angle you would of never thought to do, or a piece of a body, object, or animal. I'm weird, I know!
However, when a shot is styled in a cute fun way, or has a great background. I'm hooked, instantly!
Please take a second and check out Take Our Photo. Even if your not in the Santa Barbara area, Branden and Erica are great destination photographers.
"Hey Honey, we should take a trip to Santa Barbara!" Ha Ha!!
To be continued...............


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