I am not sure what it is but ever since I saw the UK artist {Ann Carrington's} "Pearly Queen of Bow" hanging on The Novogratz wall. I have been designing my living room around it, 
hoping, one day it will be hanging above my sofa! :)
Ann uses pearlescent buttons on black canvas to make this unique piece.
Can't even imagine all the detail work that goes into each and everyone of her pieces!

You may have seen this piece of Royalty on the hit show {9bydesign}, the self made designers
Cortney & Bob Novogratz own the hip {Sixx Design}.
They love Ann Carrington's work so much, that they tend to use her art in almost every design they do.

On a total side note, I love love love Cortney & Bob! They're design style completely screams ME to a "T"! I fall head over heals every time they take vintage industrial, antiques and throw them in with bright modern pieces.
If I ever had the money and option of hiring an interior designer duo to design my office or home.
These two would be it!!!


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