Creativity comes from pieces of YOU!

My inspiration today is coming from my brown haired, brown eyed, 23lbs of style.
She runs by me in her mamas heels, hot pink head band, and Elmo in hand. Her innocence is shocking as to where she comes up with her next move.
This brings me to my project of the day.

Baby/Toddler Room Decor Ideas!

As I sit and contemplate how I will decorate her new toddler room. I come to a cross roads.
Do I design around her or me???
Clearly, as I watch her play, she has her own style and chicness that pours out of her and it confirms the direction I must go.

Here are a few decor ideas I found and LOVE for a babies or toddlers room.
Check out DIY ceiling mobil/art
Flor tiles are perfect for kids rooms, if you spill you take the square out and wash it or buy a new one to replace. Very practical!
Don't you love this vintage crib made into a toddler bed?!!! I am dreaming of this as my daughters toddler bed.

Who would of thought BLACK floors for a kids room? Me, myself and I!

Eclectic, vintage, modern all in one. This is what happens when you have an Anthropologie Designer and a Urban Outfitters Designer have a baby together!
Using art and clothing as decor, GENIUS!
I think any child would love to have their own swing in the middle of their bedroom.

Want something different, try wallpapering the ceiling. It will save you from having to buy a crib mobile. :)

LOVE, LOVE the cutout chandelier light! I purchased one in BLACK for her room. Good ol' URBAN OUTFITTERS.


  1. Great post Karli!! Of course this makes every gal want to re do their children's room. Full of inspiration girl!


  2. All such beautiful rooms; makes me want a girl!!! Or at least makes me wish I had the $$ to redo my son's room now :)

    Good luck with UB and the blog...if you want any help setting with the bloggy stuff let me know!

  3. Thanks Ladies! :)
    @Kristin, Thanks for all the support. I may take you up on your offer. What is your email address?