{stuck in the office}

Working hard, can't wait to show you what I am up too!


{craigslist SCORE!}

As many of you know I love me some Craigslist and those close to me know my home is fully furnished from Craigslist, Thrifts Stores, Flea Markets, and Home Goods {and of course Anthropologie}.

Today, I am so excited to show you a piece I found on Craigslist and share how I got it. 

The room I am focused on today is my bedroom. 
My bedroom colors are yellow, black, white, grey, and a touch of purple, a little Hollywood Regency, Modern Twist.
When I decorate a bedroom I don't normally start with the nightstands but in this case I will make an exception. Why? Oh, because I found the two most AMAZING pieces. 

Yep that's right, isn't she lovely and the best part is she was only $75.00.

Now because this piece is original vintage from the 1960's-1970's era the possibility of finding another piece to match is near to impossible. I was thinking I was going to have to find a vintage side table that would go with this beauty and match the yellow with paint. 
Until, I was searching Craigslist last week and came across this magnificent vintage Hollywood Regency style night stand!
First off, the color could not be any more PERFECT, right! 
Second, REALLY, a Vintage Dorothy Draper style night stand has been a dream ever since I saw this credenza Vanessa De Vargas styled. You may have seen this shot on {DecorPad}.
I was secretly disappointed that there wasn't two nightstands so if I wanted to change things around later and turn it into a credenza like above, I could. However, I am not COMPLAINING!

The BEST part of this find is that I did not spend a penny. That's right! I ended up trading a different table that I no longer was using, it wasn't really my style anymore anyways. 
As many know, I am very budget minded when I shop like most of you are or having to be now. 
Today with the economy the way it is, people are having to downsize, losing their houses, and can't fit there stuff into the new place. 
The way I see it is, why not be creative and help each other out. It turns out to be a WIN, WIN for both of us! 
If I know I have something comparable to what they are selling. I will offer to trade. It may not always work but in this case I got LUCKY. 
This was too big for them and it was PERFECT for me! 

SHH! Don't tell anyone my secret but if you happen to try it out, you must leave me a comment and tell me all about it.

{Check back as I have a very special bedroom DIY project coming up and I can't wait to tell you who I am collaborating with!!}


{dilemma of the week}

Okay, I have a dilemma this week and need your help blogger's!
I just moved and I am trying to decorate my new place. I have been searching for a new rug for my living room, after scouring every online rug store and seeing who had the best sale going on.
I finally decided on a rug from RugsUSA.
chevron (black and white zig zag)

I love the choice I made but now here is the problem. I have a 3 year old who runs around all day, who likes to change her outfit 10 times a day, each time putting on a new pair of shoes. 
The front door also opens into the living room, so when people enter they will be entering onto the rug. 
How do I keep a black and white rug from getting super dirty from all the foot traffic?
I could ask for people to take their shoes off when they enter. However, I am still afraid I will have a dark trail across the rug where people frequently walk. 
Do I scotch-guard it before laying it down? Do I have it cleaned more often?
I am so nervous that I don't even want to lay it down! Any suggestions....

While I figure out what I am planning on doing with the rug situation, here are a few other rugs I was considering from {RugsUSA}.
{FYI: They are having an amazing sale going on, anywhere from 20-50% off rugs. 
Don't wait go check it out NOW!}

Which rug would you choose? 


{What I want}

Marc Jacobs Iphone case

Sofa LOVE!


{Things I am loving}

{Mustard Yellow}
{Layering and Michael Kors}
{Everything but most of all the Brass Lotus Chandelier}


{September is ALMOST HERE!}

Is everyone as excited as I am for September to come?!! 
I will be lined up on September 13th to get me some Missoni for Target
Who is with me?
I am dying over every piece! Let me just tell you what I will be running, diving, and hoarding. :) I'm just sayin.... "Wink, Wink"
I mean come on, have you seen the shower curtain and bath towels "sigh"..... I love! 
My heart literally skipped a beat when I spotted the rugs! 

Rugs {$29.99} "Swoon" Do you hear that? They are calling my name.... :)
See you there!


{styled tween}

Today, I wanted to show you a few shots from a recently re-styled girls room I did down in Carlsbad, CA. I had the lovely privilege of designing a 10 year old room from her child like "baby room" as she stated to a room that screams SHAYNA! She wanted lots of color, personality, and a place she could hang out with friends. 
I of course wanted to throw in a little bit of vintage and when I mentioned this to her mom she was ECSTATIC! She actually made my job really easy, she had a collection of vintage pieces that she wanted me to use, such as the CUTEST vintage sack dolls I have EVER SEEN! I have added them to my list of smalls I want to collect and pass down to my daughter.
I had an amazing time working with Sherry & Shayna on her tween room and with just a little elbow grease, paint, and my love of shopping (haha!) we made her room a dream come true.
I left the frames empty so Shayna was able to participate in the room design by being the one to choose pictures of her friends and family.
I am dying over these vintage sack dolls! 
How cute is this vintage loveseat? 
I chose this piece for Shayna because she can read on it, hang out with her friends,  and years to come take it with her to college. 
The best part is her mom does not need to worry about her wrecking it, or spilling on it because when she wears it out, or changes her style, all she needs is some new fabric and one phone call to her upholsterer.
Pillows: Home Goods
Loveseat: Craigslist
Rug: Ikea
How sweet! 
Frame: Ikea + a can of spray paint
Vintage art
A vintage nightstand found on Craigslist and just a little paint "Voila!"
I fell in love with this desk when I found it! Anything on vintage castors I SWOON over. 
Acrylic chairs: Target
Chandelier light: Urban Outfitters


{Let's do a photoshoot!}

I am so excited to share with you a photoshoot I did with my bride and groom! 
They had so much fun at their wedding but were bummed because they didn't get more photos on all the eye candy. Chello! Let's do a photoshoot! 
As you all know photography is a passion of mine, so I grabbed a camera, picked up the bride & groom and headed down coast highway. The best shoots are when you find the random spots to shoot at and your adrenaline kicks in when your not really sure if your tress passing or not {wink! wink!}.
As we headed down coast highway from Newport Beach to Laguna Beach, we came up the hill and there it was, a field, a cliff, and the ocean! JACKPOT!
As we hopped out of the truck, camera in one hand, props in the other, cars whizzing by us and the groom carrying the settee, we quickly setup up and went for it.
Not being able to imagine how the day would go or if we were going to get good shots, we managed to exceed all of our expectations when we were able to spend an hour and half shooting, getting every last shot needed. Just then the cop showed up {in our minds, it's about time} "you can't be here, private property!" "oh sorry sir, we are leaving right now!" LOL!
{It's really all about the bride, no offense groom! LOL!}
After our little adventure and run in with the law, we all decided to keep the party going. 
We headed straight to the house in Laguna where the bride & groom got married and then down to beach. 
However, we had to make a quick stop in downtown Laguna!

..................... house
Needless to say, they had one fun, exciting, eventful day, reliving the wedding of their dreams!


{Nick & Shala}

I recently styled a wedding in Laguna Beach for an amazing couple! The bride, Shala came to me wanting something unique, whimsical, and a touch of romance. Of course, I was already picturing chandeliers hanging from the windows, old vintage lamp shade lights hanging from the entrance and vintage seating around the dance floor.
I had so much fun styling this wedding and working with other talented people!
I have never seen someone more passionate about their job like Paul Kerby of {SSPG}. He filmed from the very first curl, down to the last song of the night. He goes above and beyond what is asked of him, each bride gets to have a video that is catered to the couples style, personality, making it unique and one of kind,  something you will not be embarrassed to show off 10 years from now. You only get the best with him, which is why, I must share with you the teaser video he sent me. 
I am on pins and needles to see the finish product!

May 14, 2011 Nick & Shala from Style{d} by Karli on Vimeo.

Vendor credits:
Taste Catering
Iva Bloom-Florist
Adam DJ Paz-Entertainment
DIG-Designs in Growth-vintage succulent doors
Small Square Pixel Graffiti-Videographer
Style{d} by Karli-event design/styling/vintage rentals
Urban Barn-vintage chandelier rentals


{Prop Sale}

Summer has arrived here in beautiful Southern California! I love SUMMER, beach, cocktails, garage sales, estate sales, parties, events, weddings, babies.... OH MY!
In spirit of Summer, I have gone through my vintage collection of furniture, smalls, glassware, and will be having a Vintage & Antiques Prop Sale. 
Yes, you are correct. I am planning on selling some of my collection!
Out with the OLD, in with the NEW.
Like Style{d} on Facebook HERE & Follow Style{d} on Twitter HERE and the first 20 people to comment saying they did this, will receive 20% off at the sale!
Make sure to leave your full name in your comment as a list will be created and at check out day of sale.