Please read the below if you are interested in more info on how to be seen on the style{d} blog.

If you are a stylist, designer, photographer, vendor, couple, or vintage lover and want to be featured on the style{d} blog, I would love to hear from you!

Note: I am looking for vintage, stylish, fashion forward, unique submissions. It can be anything from a wedding, engagement shoot, interior design, fashion, brand, company, or even home/store tours. 
Due to the high amount of submissions each day I can't choose everyone, so I pick based off what will fit the style{d} blog the best.

Where do you send submissions?
  • All submissions get emailed to style@styledbykarli.com

What I need from you?
  • Name {or company name}, Date, Location, Website {if you have one}
  • 5-10 photos to choose from
  • A mini description
  • A list of all vendors that deserve credit and their website {if applies}
  • List of any website or blogs you have submitted photos or have been featured on already {if applies}

If you have been featured on the style{d} blog, you will be entitled to become a style{d} preferred vendor. If you would like your very own style{d} vendor badge to proudly showcase on your blog or website with a link back to the style{d} blog or your post, please email me {here} and I will shoot one over ASAP.