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If you have never heard of an estate sale or tag sale, then let me explain! An estate sale is done at a house where someone has died or a person who is selling their house and wants to get rid of everything in their estate. Most of the time, they go to estate liquidators to handle every aspect, from organizing it, pricing it, and holding the sale.
Estate Sales are a great way to find diamonds in the rough! You comb through basements, attics, garages, backyards, bedrooms in search of finding that perfect treasure. The best part is EVERYTHING MUST GO, so prices are always negotiable and on the last day of a sale they have every thing 50% off. Most estate sales you go to will have an email sign up sheet. Make sure to put your email on it so you get emailed all the sales in your area. Also make sure to check out the website regularly for updates. 
Tag sales are amazing too and allot like Estate sales! Nine times out of ten, Tag sales are done by the home owner, designer, or stylist themselves. You are able to get designer items at 50-75% off!
Check out the below style{d} top estate sale & tag sale websites.

Estate Sale Liquidators:

{Trunk Full of Treasures}

{Randy Esada Estate Sales Inc}

{Brown Stone Estate Sales}

{Brem's Estate Sales & Appraisals}

{California Estate Services}

{Retro Robin Estate Sales}

{Bright Estate Sales}

Estate Sale Directory Websites:

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