{keep calm and eat cupcakes}

Who doesn't love a good cupcake? I am not sure if anyone has noticed but cupcakes, cake pops, mini pies are all the rage! Weddings, Baby Showers, and even High profile events are all about their cupcakes.
 The question is, what do they taste like? 
I am a big Sprinkles fan however, until I tried {Itty Bitty Sweets}. Oh my word! Moist, rich, fluffy, words just can't describe how good they are. 
They literally will melt in your mouth! 
{I am so glad we are not neighbors because we would be in BIG trouble}

If you haven't had the privilege of trying Itty Bitty Sweets,
you MUST contact Page {HERE} and set up a tasting. 
I promise you will be ordering on the spot!
Page Bowman, baker and founder of {Itty Bitty Sweets} is one amazing mother of three! She is sweet, down to earth, loving, and passionate about creating something special for each and every client she comes in contact with. She specializes in weddings and large events. You may have seen her work showcased on {Wedding Chicks}{Style Me Pretty}, and in OC Ceremony magazine.
 I envy her strength and most of all her drive to do what she loves. Being a single mom, starting a company all on her own and she still finds time to sprinkle a little love into making by far the best cupcakes I have EVER HAD!! 

{cleaningpalooza 2001}

That's right folks, its that time of year again. I am gearing up for this years Cleaningpalooza 2011! 
What is Cleaningpalooza? 
It is a whirlwind couple of days, where I go through each nic and cranny of my house, getting down and dirty. I get rid of stuff I really don't need, use, or can REALLY live without. At the end of it all, I throw a huge garage sale {which will be held this Sat in San Juan Capistrano, email me for address}.
I dread it every year but at the same time, I know at the end, I will feel so rejuvenated and ready for summer to be here. 
{Doesn't everyone look this cute and color coordinated when they clean? I know I sure do....}
{and this is what my accessories closet looks like when I am done.....bahaha! yeah right! maybe in a perfect world but even then I highly doubt it :)}

The only part, I actually do love, is redecorating! I tend to do it while I am cleaning. Which is why it feels like forever and a day to get through my entire house. haha!
This year I started in Kai's room {which could take two days in itself}. Why you ask? Have you noticed when you clean with a two year old you feel as if the cleaning never ends. I will turn around and say to myself, "I swear I just cleaned that corner". Is it just me or do they love to follow you around, pretending they are you, only I am cleaning up and she is making a mess.
Sorry, I got a little side tracked. I could keep going but  really would have to start a whole new blog. In fact......... {coming soon}
I am cleaning out all her toys, clothing, and stuffed animals {how did she get so many stuffed animals?} she really doesn't use anymore and displaying things up off the ground where they can be looked at, not touched, pulled apart, and put back together again {over and over again}.
Who is ahead of the game and already got all their spring cleaning over with {I envy you}? 


{green: be inspired}

{little inspiration on this lovely Sunday afternoon}


{creative designs}

I not only met some of the coolest people this week but I got a tip about a hot talented designer, 
Briana Rene. You may know her work as {Briana Rene Designs}
Laguna Beach, California is known for the hot sun, beautiful beaches, eclectic mix, 
and Briana Rene Designs. 
Briana has amazing eclectic style! Her mix of style and texture while lending herself a little European flair to hip Hollywood edge, gives her jewelry the perfect mix of modern vintage. She spends her day designing new pieces in her Laguna Beach studio 
and sourcing new material all over the world for new upcoming lines.
Briana's work has been featured in {Glamour Magazine}
You must check her website out {here} or swing by her new space at {The OC Mart Mix} . 
Loving the green pearls!! This is not your grandma's jewelry.
All I know is I am dying over this layered gold turtle necklace shown above!!! I need!
"Husband, where are you?!" {I am so adding this to my wish list}

{spring is here}

Wow, I can't believe spring is here already. Time has gone by so fast this year and things seem to be changing ever so fast. 
Before we know it, SUMMER will be in full swing!!! 
style{d} has been so busy entertaining, designing, and styling. 
So I apologize for not giving you anything this last week. 
However, I am so excited to showcase what style{d} by karli has been up too. 
Here is a Sneak Peek
more to come............


{Get involved}

World wide those around are trying to do what they can to help Japan in this time of need. 
If you too are interested in helping out please click {here}



It's Friday! Heehaw!
I am so excited because as most of you know the Rose bowl is this weekend and I am GOING!
I will be scouring every booth for vintage one of kind treasures.
Hopefully, I will see you there!

I thought in the mean time, it would be the perfect opportunity to remind everyone about 
one of the cutest eco chic bags.
I had to purchase this vintagey, organic, sustainable handbag!
When you buy it, you feed one child enrolled in school for the entire year!!! How great is that??
As well as, all Feed 1 bags (as well as Feed 2 bags and monetary donations) are being given to the FEED Haiti campaign to help feed Haiti school children.
Please before you start your weekend go and check out {FEED Project}.
The FEED 1 bag from FEED Projects

The FEED 2 bag from FEED Project

I must take a second and say my thoughts and prayers are with everyones family and friends affected by Japan's earthquake & tsunami.


{found you}

I  came across an amazing blog today that I have fallen hard for!
Have you heard of {BDVP}? No, well let me explain, web designer and creator of Bonito Design, Helen Guzman showcases great styled party inspirations as well as her personal likes and loves, that I am all over.
Helen, I am a new stalker, I mean follower... lol!

While I was searching her blog I came across two photographers that I am smitten for.
Marco Graziani, his work is filled with colorful imagination, giving me and those around him great inspiration.
Second, she {no offense Marco} deserves her own post because there are so many styled vintage inspiration photos, I can't even handle it!
I have found my new go to photographer!
I want to not only meet this talented lady but dreaming of teaming up with her one day.
stay tuned..............

{whimsical magic}

I love anything that is whimsical, dramatic, and over the top!
My heart skips a beat every time I see photos like the few showcased below.
{Anthropologie} knocked this shoot out of the park!
Life size dolls, LOVE it!!
I would so ROCK this headpiece!


{chair obsession}

No matter if they go out of style or are so last year. I will always love my
Vintage Faux Bamboo Chippendale Chairs! I am a bit obsessed with them actually. If I see them for sale, I have to buy them. Why? 
These chairs are classic, stylish, and bring so much character to any room. You can use one at your desk, seating in the dining room, or accent chairs in the living room. 
Faux Bamboo Chippendale chairs are very versatile and the best part is, you can paint them any color!
However, I have had my faux bamboo chairs for a couple years now and I still have not painted them.
I just can't decide! Black, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Yellow.... HELP! What would you do?
Does anyone have two they want to sell me?
I am looking for two armless Vintage Faux Bamboo chairs. ANYONE? ANYONE?

They will never go out of style in my house!