Can I add Photographer to my resume?

style{d} had one eventful weekend, starting with an inspirational photo shoot I did on New Years.

I showed up at my dear friend Jill's house in Newport Beach with my camera in hand, props and accessories.

Jill opened the door and I shouted "Lets have some fun!"

We ended up hauling furniture all over her place....her son showed up in this old Chevrolet car and I thought why not use it as a prop.

I am in LOVE with Jill's Antique Gold Sofa!
Pretty Sure, I see her sitting in my living room.....then I sadly wake up and realize she is just a DREAM!
 Don't you think she would be a PERFECT backdrop for any occasion??
So friends, how did I do? Should I keep my day job?

1 comment:

  1. What FUN eye candy Miss Karli!!!
    How great is it to have a job that you love?
    And, YES, you CAN add photographer to your resume :o)