{pajama party}

I love that one minute I am picking for found pieces and the next I am styling a photo shoot. 
That is exactly how my day went on Wednesday. On my way to meet the team of {Elite Social Management}, I happened to spot a Goodwill, {time check} just so happens that I was 45 mins early {go me, I am never this early, have you ever heard of Filipino Time! LOL}...... well I could sit in the parking lot for 45 mins or I can run into Goodwill for 15 mins and have a half hour to spare. 
HELLO, of course I hit my brakes and ran as fast as I could. 
15 mins later, I was sadly disappointed because I didn't find a single thing. So unlike me! Is it just me or when you go into a Goodwill or Salvation Army, it's just not the same? Very picked over, very hit or miss, and jeez you would think you were shopping at an Antique Store with some of the price tags. 
They are high, if they think I am going to pay $50 on a lamp! I can go to {Home Goods} and get a SWEET lamp for that price. Just sayin.....
After my little detour, I headed to {Simple Studio Lighting} where I met Melissa, Jen, Rebecca, and Nancy of {Elite Social Management} and {Beverly Hills Basics}, designer Wanda for her pajama photo shoot.
My day consisted of dressing and undressing Erika {the mannequin} our model for the day, with bright, colorful, fun pajama's. Making sure every wrinkle, crease, button, arm, and leg, was in place 
and camera ready!
A big Thank You to Jen for helping me man Erika, and Nancy for being able to tie a PERFECT bow.
I must admit I am horrible at bows!

Here are some behind the scene photos
Miss Wanda
Jen, "Quite on the set!" "Our model needs it to be silent, PEOPLE!" LOL! wink wink
Trying to steam out some last minute wrinkles
Jen & I keeping an eye on the photographer.....
Love the photographer, Jonathan! Isn't he cute?
Wanda scanning the room, making sure everything is perfect
Melissa the CEO of {Elite Social Management} uploading behind the scene shots via Twitter & Facebook. Keeping us socially connected!
The last shot of the day

I am spent! I seriously was sweating {I don't sweat!}, they forgot to turn the air on! 
Note to self: Make sure to add a fan to the list. You can never have enough fans. :)

It was a GREAT day! Thank you to {Elite Social Management} for bringing me on to style Beverly Hills Basics!

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  1. that was a fun day...looking forward to many more, too!