{blogger tag sale!!!}

Everyone loves tag sales, right?! You get the hottest designer items at discounted prices.
Well, I was checking out one of my top 10 blogs, {sketch 42} and this years blogger tag sale is live! 
The best part of the tag sale is, you can buy, sell, or trade pieces. 
If you are not in the market to shop, that's okay. If you can do us bloggers a HUGE favor and pass this on to others who might be interested in shopping. Tweet about it by using hashtag #bloggertagsale.
Here are the pieces I am selling:
1. Antique French Parlor Chairs 
2. Antique French Cherub Chandelier {currently taking offers, pricing will be compared to {1stdibs}}
3. Vintage Tufted Sofa {$750}
4. Vintage Tufted Gold benches 

If you are interested in pricing please email me {here}.

I will be uploading more pieces a little later so please check back......................


  1. OMG! Your stuff is GORGEOUS! AND so is the "Blogger Tag Sale" Sign you made! Mind if I steal it?

    And thank you! Love being one of your top10!

  2. hi! Can you send me the measurements of the chandelier? How many bulbs does it take and does it need to be rewired?

    thx, Amy

  3. oops my email is :


  4. @Sketch42, You can absolutely use my "Blogger Tag Sale" sign! Glad you like it. :) You are one of my daily stops, love your blog!
    @The Huntress, I will email you info ASAP.

  5. I am very interested in the chairs, please email me at alexandrasberlin@gmail.com. Thanks!!

  6. I am very interested in the tufted benches, can you email me (klriessmunro@gmail.com)the length & width & height of them & price. Thanks!!!

  7. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!! If I didn't have some of the same similar stuff I'd be buying for sure.
    Chic Modern Vintage