{NEW Vivienne Westwood}

Do you know, what I love about {Vivienne Westwood}? She will take a risk and isn't scared to do so.... she is woman after my own heart. 
Her collections just seem to be growing and growing, from clothing, jewelry, SHOES, to rugs and home decor. This is one talented DESIGNER!!

That being said, everyone MUST SEE her new line of shoes.......
Melissa Dragon Heart Shoe
I am head over heels in LOVE with the above vintage inspired faux suede Skyscraper shoe!
Pom, Poms, are you serious right now! Vivienne you crack me up.

 Flat Cameo Shoe

Please Vivienne, Can we get a shipment of at least my favorite pair of faux suede skyscraper heel, here in the US? London gets all the cute stuff!
For those fortunate enough to live in Europe or who may be going on vacation this summer 
{in which I hate you (with love)} they will be hitting stores July 2011.
If you just can't wait that long, head over to {Hervia} NOW to pre-order in time for SUMMER.

I must "Thank" Kat over at {Rock n Roll Bride} for showcasing these adorable shoes and filling my head with great ways to rock my Vivienne Westwood shoes!

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  1. I love her shoes!!! I remember first spotting them in a wedding picture when I bride was wearing ones very similar to the slingbacks with hearts on top. I then continued to search for that pair to no avail. I need to get my preorder on! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to have to share on my blog as well and attribute you!!

    best, tamra