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My design esthetic has always been vintage eclectic glam with a touch of modern. However, just as your taste buds change over the years, the older I get my design esthetic is changing. Don't get me wrong, I still love glitz & glam, vintage baubles but I have been drawn to simple, modern, graphic pops, statement pieces and honestly becoming more of a minimalist. 
It might be because I have a 3 year old who makes more of mess now then she ever has and I can't handle the mess anymore. 
It also might be because I'm drawn to how others live in other parts of the world. Europe, UK, & Australian lifestyle is different. In America it is all about having the dream house, cars, money. The land of the free! In other parts of the world it's about spending time with your family, enjoying life, where you live, traveling the world. They live simple, their homes are a tad smaller than what we are a custom to living. They do have three or four people living in a one bedroom flat. Yet, they make the most of the square footage, resulting in it looking & feeling bigger than it is. I love how you will see the black and white color blocking throughout a home, graphic pops in the kitchen, living room, & bedroom. Kids design made for adults.
Which brings me to what my post is really about today. Haha! 

Nordic Happy Design
Have you heard of a shop called Little Studio? Well you should check out their website. They have fun playful designs for your home. 
Designers, Marit Lissdaniel and Angelica Utterberg wanted their designs to fit children & adults. The two loved how children have the ability to see things for more than they really are. For example, a triangle could be a triangle- but it could also be a mountain. They try to avoid the traditional gender roles so their designs apply to everyone. 
The best part about their shop for us in the US, they ship WORLD WIDE!!! 

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  1. I completely agree with your entire opening statement! I get in these moods all the time where I want to throw everything away to make it all more simple...and ugh all those plastic little toys strewn about drive me nuts! i love the simplicity of wooden and modern toys that teach....now it seems like it's all about video games and plastic.
    Don't get me wrong good ol' classic plastic toys are a must, but it's true..Its simpler with less and kids do better when they have less, they are forced to use their imagination! what a concept!!!

  2. @Jessica, Thank you for commenting! I totally agree with you regarding the plastic toys, it drives me nuts too! I too love the wooden toys that teach. I would rather my child have a huge imagination & appreciate the toys she does have, then have everything she wants and never play with them because she is worrying about the next toy or video game.

  3. I love the pop of color in these pictures, soooo need your help in the new house! Small like you were talking about so I need some tips on small rooms done with style;)