DIY's with Sophie Monet Jewelry

The Jewelry Branch turn Key Rack:
The Jewelry Branch with a little bit of paint and transform it into a colorful key rack to hang in your summer abode. 

Branch Twine 
Scissors Paint 
Hammer Nails 

1. Paint colorful stripes around your branch and let dry. 2. Hammer in the desired number of nails to use as key hooks. 3. Cut a piece of twine twice the length of your branch and tie to both ends of the branch.4. Hang and enjoy! 

Done In Collaboration with BecauseImAddicted.net

Miu Miu Inspired Glitter Sunglasses:
It’s pretty much a known fashion fact that Miu Miu has mastered the art of glittering and bedazzling. Here’s how to transform a pair of vintage sunglasses into the Italian house’s must have Noir glitter shades. 

Vintage Sunglasses (Ours are from Etsy)
Transparent drying glue
Red glitter
Paint brush
Paper plate
Clear gloss finishing spray

1. Cover the lenses of your glasses in tape to protect them from the glue.

2. Create a paste with equal parts glue and glitter.

3.  With your brush paint on the glitter mixture to the frame of your glasses.

4. Let the glitter dry and spray them with the gloss finish. Then remove the tape and wear!

Done In Collaboration with StyleHive.com BecauseImAddicted.net

For more DIY's check out Sophie Monet's website here.


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you and your welcome! I love fun DIY's, don't you?