Current Obsession: WASHI TAPE

I can't get my mind off WASHI TAPE! 
Does anyone else feel the same way? 
Every website, blog, magazine I look at, has it showcased. 
Solids, Prints, Patterns, Shapes, OH  MY!!!
Needless to say, I am obsessed and need to get myself some. However, I am nervous to use it. Even though it is adorable up, I live in a rental so eventually I am sure I will be moving. That being said, I don't want to ruin my pictures, posters, and art taking them off the wall. I know it is suppose to be removable but still.... HELP! What would you do? 

In the meantime, while I make a decision, I have been researching where to purchase. I really want neon stripes, hot pink, flat black, and grey. I came across quite a few blog post on it and every one of them pointed me to MT Masking Tape out of Japan. I loved all the pictures on their site but when it came to the inventory I did not find what I was looking for. Sad face.
My search continued, until, I was scanning Etsy the other day and came across seller Crafty Japan. Cha Ching! They have every solid, print, pattern, shape, & size I am looking for! You must check out their unique selection...washi tape for days.

Now it's on to the wall layout....
Ooh Jeez, that is a whole other blog post people. :)
via Kenzipoo

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