need. want. have.

1. I need my eames dowel legs dipped in a saucy neon color similar to Rachelle's from Kenzipoo. Don't you just love how they turned out! Her cousin, who runs Simple Grove, helped decorate her home. I can't wait to see the rest of the room!
2. I need this adorable two toned gold + yellow beauty for my desk. 
3. How cute is the moon mustache poster. NEED! {via Kenzipoo}
4. I need a swing in my house! {via Pinterest}
5. I need more graphic pillows. {via little studio}

1. I really want vintage 1960's wire based planter chairs. {via Bijou & Boheme}
2. I want a vintage brass reading lamp for my desk. {via Pinterest}
3. I want Gold silverware paired with white plates. 
{via Neiman Marcus}   

1. I have my kitchen painted in this color green with neon pink accents. 
{via My Attic}
2. I have one wall in my living room painted black. {via Mechant Design}
3. I have vintage horse bookends on my Ikea Expedit bookcase. {via Instagram

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  1. love the pink accents against the aqua! love the sneak peek.......

  2. @Jessica, Thanks! Follow me on Instagram @styledbykarli for more sneak peeks.

  3. I think I do already? I will check!

  4. I don't remember seeing the neon on instagram! Adorable!