{In Home Face Lift}

It is one of those droopy Mondays where I have been cleaning, organizing, and rearranging things in my house but nothing seems to look right. I hate everything. Haha! I am sure you know what I am talking about.
My house is in need of a major face lift! 
I have had most of my furniture for 5 years now and for me that is along time!
When I see the same pieces styled in cute homes, I love it but in my home, I hate it. Ironic, right? I can style interiors and props for my clients in a heartbeat but when it comes to my own home,
I am indecisive.
How many of you stylist feel the same way?
I preach to my clients you don't necessarily need to buy all new furniture.
All you need to do to spice up your look is simply swap out accessories and maybe some fresh paint. Walla!
Now, I just need to follow my own advice. Haha!
However, I really want to sell everything and start fresh.

1. Art, something along the lines of this.
Love the little black and white painting above. I would love to have a larger version on my bookcase.
I just might need to commission Nicole over at {Sketch42} to paint me up something spectacular.

2.) My Living room, Kitchen, and Bedroom are in need of curtains.

3.) Cute fun accessories.
I love these horn bookends! 
I am still kicking myself because{Home Goods} had a pair and I decided not to buy them. I went back hoping I could find them again but as I suspected they were gone. Still on the hunt....
I MUST have this Spotted ottoman tray from {FurbishStudios} for my coffee table.
This side table would fit in just nicely. 
This Lucite bench needs to be sitting at the end of my bed. 
Don't you agree?

4.) Paint & Wallpaper love
Do you have any idea how ecstatic I would be if I came home to find this Gold Petal Pusher print on my living room walls!!

If I could choose any interior designer to design my home, it would definitely be the husband and wife duo, Robert & Cortney Novogratz

Who would you choose to design your home?


  1. Thanks for sharing these interior pics. All of the rooms are so cleverly put together.

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  2. Your welcome! Glad you like the rooms . Thank you for your comment! If you want more inspiration check out & follow my Pinterest account. :)