How to use a vintage picture frame?

Vintage picture frames seem to be a hott commodity these days. Everyone is either looking for them or buying them up! I remember back in the day going picking and you could find them all day long.
Now, your lucky if you come across one.
Old frames are not just for pictures anymore! Trends have changed and creative minds around have come up with new ways to use them, such as, turning it into a mirror, framing a chalkboard, using them for decor, props for photography, and accents at an event. 
Vintage frames can be found in so many different shapes and sizes. The best thing about getting an old frame is no matter what style you are going for, you can easily re-use it again, 
by transforming it with one can of paint.
Here is my entryway. I painted a vintage frame I found @ Goodwill for $5.00,
a high gloss black and framed my pictures with it.

How do you use your old frames?


  1. Those are all great ideas! Keep the inspiration coming Karli, as my walls are still bare because Im too indecisive to hang anything up! I would love to see more of your house in pics please!
    Miss ya
    give that kido kisses for me:)

  2. I have used several old frames and put chicken wire on them to hang my necklaces. I just love them!

  3. @Tricia, I did the exact same thing and use it in my bedroom. Love it! Great minds think alike! :) Thanks for the comment!!

  4. @Jessica, I know how that is. I get that way with my house too. I put something up then the following week hate it. I am always pulling things from my house for work but per your request, I will do a feature on my house next week so you can see it. :)

  5. i adore ornate antique frames and i'm also obsessed with letters so when one of my fave flea market sellers suggested framing a single letter (or group of letters) i was immediately smitten with the idea. here's one example of how you could do it (via timeless treasures in SF): http://bit.ly/gMT67s
    so cute, right?!

  6. @One True Love, Thanks for the comment and the idea! I know my followers will appreciate. I must go by Timeless Treasures the next time I'm in SF.
    Yes, you are right, so cute!!!