{chair obsession}

No matter if they go out of style or are so last year. I will always love my
Vintage Faux Bamboo Chippendale Chairs! I am a bit obsessed with them actually. If I see them for sale, I have to buy them. Why? 
These chairs are classic, stylish, and bring so much character to any room. You can use one at your desk, seating in the dining room, or accent chairs in the living room. 
Faux Bamboo Chippendale chairs are very versatile and the best part is, you can paint them any color!
However, I have had my faux bamboo chairs for a couple years now and I still have not painted them.
I just can't decide! Black, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Yellow.... HELP! What would you do?
Does anyone have two they want to sell me?
I am looking for two armless Vintage Faux Bamboo chairs. ANYONE? ANYONE?

They will never go out of style in my house!


  1. I LOVE these chairs too! I've been searching for a pair for the last year and just found some on eBay. I'll keep my eyes out for some armless friends for you!


  2. I know they are so hard to find! Thank you I would really appreciate it. You must send me pictures of your set when you have them all done!

  3. Checked your blog out. Love it! I also saw your chairs...to die for. Can't wait to follow your post. :)

  4. Love these!! Perfect chairs.

    Erin Taylor