It's Friday! Heehaw!
I am so excited because as most of you know the Rose bowl is this weekend and I am GOING!
I will be scouring every booth for vintage one of kind treasures.
Hopefully, I will see you there!

I thought in the mean time, it would be the perfect opportunity to remind everyone about 
one of the cutest eco chic bags.
I had to purchase this vintagey, organic, sustainable handbag!
When you buy it, you feed one child enrolled in school for the entire year!!! How great is that??
As well as, all Feed 1 bags (as well as Feed 2 bags and monetary donations) are being given to the FEED Haiti campaign to help feed Haiti school children.
Please before you start your weekend go and check out {FEED Project}.
The FEED 1 bag from FEED Projects

The FEED 2 bag from FEED Project

I must take a second and say my thoughts and prayers are with everyones family and friends affected by Japan's earthquake & tsunami.


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