{cleaningpalooza 2001}

That's right folks, its that time of year again. I am gearing up for this years Cleaningpalooza 2011! 
What is Cleaningpalooza? 
It is a whirlwind couple of days, where I go through each nic and cranny of my house, getting down and dirty. I get rid of stuff I really don't need, use, or can REALLY live without. At the end of it all, I throw a huge garage sale {which will be held this Sat in San Juan Capistrano, email me for address}.
I dread it every year but at the same time, I know at the end, I will feel so rejuvenated and ready for summer to be here. 
{Doesn't everyone look this cute and color coordinated when they clean? I know I sure do....}
{and this is what my accessories closet looks like when I am done.....bahaha! yeah right! maybe in a perfect world but even then I highly doubt it :)}

The only part, I actually do love, is redecorating! I tend to do it while I am cleaning. Which is why it feels like forever and a day to get through my entire house. haha!
This year I started in Kai's room {which could take two days in itself}. Why you ask? Have you noticed when you clean with a two year old you feel as if the cleaning never ends. I will turn around and say to myself, "I swear I just cleaned that corner". Is it just me or do they love to follow you around, pretending they are you, only I am cleaning up and she is making a mess.
Sorry, I got a little side tracked. I could keep going but  really would have to start a whole new blog. In fact......... {coming soon}
I am cleaning out all her toys, clothing, and stuffed animals {how did she get so many stuffed animals?} she really doesn't use anymore and displaying things up off the ground where they can be looked at, not touched, pulled apart, and put back together again {over and over again}.
Who is ahead of the game and already got all their spring cleaning over with {I envy you}? 


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