{vintage rentals}

Vintage Rentals is a unique niche which consists of collectors, dealers, stylist and lovers of all things vintage. The concept of a vintage rental company seems to be growing rapidly all over the world.
Southern California seems to have a few to choose from but places such as Northern California, Texas, Chicago, Oregon, are in need of a place brides, photographers, event coordinators, can go and pick out some amazing one of kind pieces for their event, wedding, or photo shoot.
Many have trouble figuring out where to go to find similar items or a one stop shop to rent one of kind vintage baubles.
Here at style{d} we want to make it easy for everyone to find out the latest places to go to purchase great vintage found items or a place in your city to rent salvaged, distressed, chippy, treasures.
style{d} has created a {vintage rentals} page dedicated to preferred style{d} approved vendors. You will find the closes rental company in your area, if you press on the link it will take you to each website filled with vintage inspiration, found items, and contact info for your next big event.
Believe me when I say, you will feel like a kid in a candy shop!!

One True Love Vintage Rentals
Found Vintage Rentals
Heritage & Craft Vintage Rentals 
Archive Vintage Rentals 
Ribbons & Rust


  1. If you are in Texas, be sure to check out rentmydust.com for a new vintage rental company in the Dallas ~ Fort Worth area.

  2. Hi Rita,

    Thanks for the comment! I have added you to style{d} vintage rentals page.
    style{d} loves to promote & collaborate with other lovers of vintage.
    Antiques are treasures not to be wasted! :)

  3. @Bustle, Thanks for being a style{d} preferred vendor!