a 1965 British Lodekka

You all know my love for all things British, right? Okay, so I must share this story about a 1965 double decker bus turned into a vintage dress shop. Yes, you heard me correctly a vintage shop on wheels! GENIUS!! 
This story starts with a lady named Erin Sutherland who lost her job in this horrible recession.
What was she going to do?
Erin was not the type to give up, she had too much talent to let it go to waste so with her creative mind and unique style she created a mobil shop that could go anywhere.
This is a lady after my own heart!! I must meet her!
Now based in Portland Oregon, Lodekka a restored British double decker bus {a British Lodekka, hence the name} is a hott spot for women and girls to go to find that perfect party dress or sparkly shoes to complete any outfit.
How fun would it be to throw a party or bachelorette party @ Lodekka?!!

Photographed by {Leela Cyd Ross}
Featured on {Decor8}


  1. Could not believe it when I came across this. Was just talking to a woman this weekend about what has to be this! Great find and lovely photos :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I know how amazing is Erin! What a great idea...I am glad you enjoyed my post. Thanks for checking out my blog! :)