This week on Craigslist

I wanted to share this weeks {Craigslist} finds!
When I am decorating my house or looking to find that vintage piece for my next event,
I always start on Craigslist.
I have to admit my whole house has been furnished from Craigslist, Flea Markets, Estate Sales, or Garage Sales, however, you would never know it.
Craigslist is definitely black or white for some. I have always had great experiences on Craigslist but there are those who have had horrible experiences and refuse to use it again
What they don't realize is Craigslist is the most popular online classified place to shop, trade, or sell.
There is a trick to using Craigslist...that however, is whole separate post! haha! Stay tuned...

My dream for years has been to find a Antique Louis Vuitton Trunk on Craigslist! Well guess what,
my dream came TRUE!

Listed yesterday
$12,500-Newport Beach, CA
Except my dream didn't include a price tag of $12,500! Dreams don't always come true. So sad!
Isn't she beautiful!
$80- Tustin, California
Okay, you all know my love of the Union Jack Flag but mixed with the WW2 saying
"Keep Calm and Carry On"..Who would sell this?! They have no idea how stylish this is!
$20obo-Santa Ana, California
That is a steal!! At that price you can totally afford to reupholstered it in a David Hicks La Florentina fabric, like the one below.
Antique French Pear Farm Table {1800's}
$875.00-Laguna Beach, California
$400-Hawaiian Gardens
Regency Vintage Tufted Headboard
$80-Monterrey Park
This headboard has allot of potential...Can you picture it?
Funky Chesterfield
$500.00-San Diego, CA

NOTE: Prices are always negotiable!

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  1. I saw a very similar trunk listed on an antique site for...get this, $36,000! WTH?! :(