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Who loves researching and finding new bands to listen to? I know, I do.
I recently was introduced to a great band called, The Lucky Lonely. I have talked about them on my blog before, remember the interview for the Kickstarter video? This time I had the privilege of seeing them live.  OMG, you must hear David Bennett sing! All I can say is, They are AMAZING LIVE!!
They have an insane energy about them and create this contagious vibe, in which the crowd goes nuts over! This past weekend I styled a very special concert they threw for all there friends and family. 
We wanted to do something a little different and out of the box, so we used the Urban Barn in Escondido as the venue. I took old doors/windows and had them scattered behind the band, decided why not make a bed into the stage, throw some lights up and lets have everyone sit on all the crazy found iron pieces in the back lot. 
As a result, we had a ridiculous turn out and killed two birds with one stone.
We had an audience for the band and buyers for the store!
Rheanna Downey was thrilled to be opening up for The Lucky Lonely, especially in a cozy setting where she could focus on singing her heart out. This girl has an AMAZING voice!
You must check her website out {HERE}
Paul from SSPG, decided to put a camera on the roof and did a time lapse of the whole day. 
The Lucky Lonely really started this Kickstarter campaign to help make there EP and hopefully go on tour to do what they love, in result they met some amazing people along the way who they can now call friends, and ended up raising $4,600 dollars in 3 days. 
Word is they may go on tour with Katie Perry but shhh! nothing is set in stone. 
Keep your eyes out for The Lucky Lonely, cause you wont want to miss them the next time they pass thru your town! I'm just sayin..........


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