{heart confetti}

Don't you love it when you look at a picture and it makes your heart melt!?
 That is exactly what happened when I saw this ADORABLE couple! You can just see the intense chemistry between the two of them.
They obviously love to have fun, I mean check out the heart glasses and confetti. LOVE IT!!!
One of the uber talented stylist, Stephanie Dix from {Ribbons & Rust} put together the cutest backdrop for the couple to play with.  Who doesn't love swings? 
This is definitely a style{d} approved shoot! 
Thank you Brandon Kidd Photography for taking great pictures!!!


  1. Her glasses are awesome!! perfect styled photo shoot. It really gives you a sense of what this couple is all about. xo

  2. Awesome pictures! Found you on facebook from Hanni's comment :)
    Lovely blog!