{Let's do a photoshoot!}

I am so excited to share with you a photoshoot I did with my bride and groom! 
They had so much fun at their wedding but were bummed because they didn't get more photos on all the eye candy. Chello! Let's do a photoshoot! 
As you all know photography is a passion of mine, so I grabbed a camera, picked up the bride & groom and headed down coast highway. The best shoots are when you find the random spots to shoot at and your adrenaline kicks in when your not really sure if your tress passing or not {wink! wink!}.
As we headed down coast highway from Newport Beach to Laguna Beach, we came up the hill and there it was, a field, a cliff, and the ocean! JACKPOT!
As we hopped out of the truck, camera in one hand, props in the other, cars whizzing by us and the groom carrying the settee, we quickly setup up and went for it.
Not being able to imagine how the day would go or if we were going to get good shots, we managed to exceed all of our expectations when we were able to spend an hour and half shooting, getting every last shot needed. Just then the cop showed up {in our minds, it's about time} "you can't be here, private property!" "oh sorry sir, we are leaving right now!" LOL!
{It's really all about the bride, no offense groom! LOL!}
After our little adventure and run in with the law, we all decided to keep the party going. 
We headed straight to the house in Laguna where the bride & groom got married and then down to beach. 
However, we had to make a quick stop in downtown Laguna!

..................... house
Needless to say, they had one fun, exciting, eventful day, reliving the wedding of their dreams!


  1. Gorgeous photos!! I love the props and the setting, so romantic and the sun added some amazing depth. I love the idea of a photo shoot after the wedding day, allowing the couple to relive the day and also enjoy taking pictures without feeling rushed.