{dilemma of the week}

Okay, I have a dilemma this week and need your help blogger's!
I just moved and I am trying to decorate my new place. I have been searching for a new rug for my living room, after scouring every online rug store and seeing who had the best sale going on.
I finally decided on a rug from RugsUSA.
chevron (black and white zig zag)

I love the choice I made but now here is the problem. I have a 3 year old who runs around all day, who likes to change her outfit 10 times a day, each time putting on a new pair of shoes. 
The front door also opens into the living room, so when people enter they will be entering onto the rug. 
How do I keep a black and white rug from getting super dirty from all the foot traffic?
I could ask for people to take their shoes off when they enter. However, I am still afraid I will have a dark trail across the rug where people frequently walk. 
Do I scotch-guard it before laying it down? Do I have it cleaned more often?
I am so nervous that I don't even want to lay it down! Any suggestions....

While I figure out what I am planning on doing with the rug situation, here are a few other rugs I was considering from {RugsUSA}.
{FYI: They are having an amazing sale going on, anywhere from 20-50% off rugs. 
Don't wait go check it out NOW!}

Which rug would you choose? 


  1. I haven't had any problems. Ours is in the living room but we often snack while watching movies. I've just used generic carpet cleaner to get food stains off without any problems. And no, I have not scotch guarded it.

  2. Thanks Leslie for the comment. I feel a little better about it now. :) Many years ago I had a black and white zebra rug and it got thrashed from foot traffic. I had it cleaned and it didn't come out. Which is why I am so paranoid about putting this one down. :)