Entering the blog WORLD!

Chello ladies and gents! This is my first post into the blog world. I am very excited to share with you my thoughts, inspiration, and style.

Now let me introduce myself,

My name is Karli. I am a daughter, wife, mother and friend. I love to be creative, whether I am decorating my house, deciding what clothes I put on my daughter, turning on music, dancing and singing around the house, laughing or planning a new business venture.
I love to Travel! Even though I haven’t been to too many places. I plan to travel the world with my family one day.
My passion for photography exceeds my computer's capacity, the kids clothing line I wish to design will be amazing and not everyone agrees with the type of music I listen to.
My eye for picking is something that can't easily be learned. My desire to scour every flea market, estate sale, and garage sale, to acquire that unique one of kind piece, turned into a career path I once dreamt of.
I'm obsessed with anything and everything vintage!! As my mother used to say, “Antiques are treasures not to be wasted!”

Creating this blog is to show the world, what I have been up to, what I am thinking about, and who inspires me, all while keeping up on my everyday style.


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